Weaving Prayers into Your Creations

May 01, 2023

Prayers are not only for the religious; everyone can pray Magik into their daily lives.  For me Prayers are bringing hope and wishes and intentions, to create the best I can right now.

If we aren't clear on what we want we may open to a multitude of directions.  I know when I have been vague and unsure I seem to go around in circles until I make a decision.  Why not put a little Prayer into what we do to add a sparkle of enchantment and clear direction.

To weave Prayers into your work, be clear on what you are wishing to imbue.  You can write it down as a note, say it out loud or even carve/paint/write it on what you are working on.  Let that little wisp of energy work its Magik into your Sacred Creation.

Weave the Magik ... 


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