The Magik of Writing

Apr 24, 2023

Many years ago, writing was considered to be a form of Magik.  I still believe in its enchantment.

'When you're writing, you're conjuring. It's a ritual, and you need to be brave and respectful and sometimes get out of the way of whatever it is that you're inviting into the room.' ...Tom Waits

It's easy to undervalue the basic things that we can do to transform our lives.  We don't have to spend mega bucks or follow the latest spiritual wave for profound change.  Words on paper have the power to connect, transform, heal and can also harm.

Here are some Magikal Writing options for you to explore ...

  • Journalling ... is great to clear out the cobwebs and purge your worries or anything past.  Rehashing things over and over in our minds leads to a stagnant spirit, going around in circles.  This can lead to anxiety and depression.   A journalling practice is great for mind flow.  Sometimes I will just write and not care what goes on the paper.  There can be allot of BLAH ... I just write as fast as I can, clearing any thing that may be trapped.  After awhile, sentences begin to make sense.
  • Therapy ... you can write out your emotions, tap into your shadow side, express anything that you don't like to share with others. Writing can help you process unhealed aspects of you.  You can start by writing how you are feeling about something - happy, sad, angry, frustrated, helpless, hopeful, resentful … just let yourself go.  Burn or delete if it's too painful to reread.
  • Creative Writing ... can go anywhere you choose.  Write a picture, create a world, indulge with characters, write your dreams.  I remember when I was writing one of my earlier stories I had a sudden realisation that I could create the outcome of the world I created in my story.  The power of life and death was by my pen.  Creativity has been proven to improve your health, self-esteem and vitality.
  • Poetry ... a form of creative writing.  Let you words dance on the page and become powerful inspirations. Poems can hold a few words of Magik or become an ongoing tale.
  • Spells ... are a well known form of Magikal writing.  Intentions, affirmations and incantations; use clarity and focus to create the change you desire.
  • Biography ... write your story down.  You can preserve stories and memories that may otherwise be lost.  Also therapuetic, life-stories can also deepen your connection with you.

The best practice is a regular practice.  Try to spend time on writing each day, at least initially, to get the most benefits.  10 to 30 mins is ideal if you can.

Try not to edit as you go. This can take you away from your flow.  For some forms of writing, such as Journaling, it's essential that you don't go over what you are writing until you are finished.  Perhaps leave it until the end of the week … or even longer if you can.

Weave the Magik back into your life with a writing practice ...


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