The Hollow Bone

May 23, 2023
I have had this for over 3 years now, and finally it feels right to wear it.
It was incredible how I came upon this Hollow Bone ... while studying Shamanic Soul Retrieval, we were asked to go for a wander and find a nature object. I sat down on top of a hill (my favourite place to sit) and there it was. Being quite introverted, I never did share with the group what I had found, and grabbed a stick or leaf, or something to take back, I can't quite remember, and put the Hollow Bone in my pocket.
I knew exactly the power, and responsibility, of what I had found. Over the past few years I have had so much other 'stuff' going on and it has taken this long for things to settle inside me to embrace it.
The Hollow Bone is becoming a conduit for Spirit. Whilst I work with Spirit already, this is far deeper - I'd describe it as an 'acceptance' - embracing of my work.
And the timing is perfect ... the world desperately needs workers now to come out of their slumber, connect in with their Truth and Calling, and shift the forces of evil and apathy on this wondrous planet. So many are taking the easy easy out now, and it is not a path of creation and love.
I honestly feel that without the Spirit help we have been receiving, earthside would now be a place full of destruction and death.