Spirit Writing

May 15, 2023

Writing from your Higher Self, or through Spirit, is called Spirit Writing.  It's also called Automatic Writing.

Spirit Writing can be done in trance for the more experienced; or if you are new to this, you can simply set an intention and allow the process to 'flow'.  You will most likely have no idea what you are writing as you are doing it.  Write as quickly as you can.

Spirit writing is great for gaining clarity, direction and answers.  Many books have been channeled completely through Automatic Writing.

It's also a perfect medium for people who don't have an open connection with their Guides and want to reach out.  Spirit Writing can offer a clear channel without your mind getting in the way.

Some tips to indicate that your words have come from Spirit, or your Higher Consciousness on a soul level?

  • There will be wisdom there that you had no prior knowledge of
  • There will be a light energy to what you have written
  • Information will be very simple and clear
  • You will be surprised at what has come through

If you want to start a Spirit Writing practice, it is important to begin by clearing your space and your own energy.  When ready, start by asking a question.  This creates a direction, an open doorway and no excuse for your mind to block the process.  Make sure your question is open ended; not having yes or no answer.  You can choose to write with pen and paper or type.  Ask your question and write.  Setting a timer can help the process.

Try it ... you may be very surprised at what comes through.  Weave the Magik by getting in the Flow and Write from Spirit.


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