Preparing Space for your Soul Work

sacred space soul work May 22, 2023

My dogs are always teaching me about patience.  If I don't allow them time and try to force things, our connection takes a step back.  It's the same with my work.  If I spend just a few moments to set a sacred space, whatever I do comes from a deeper connection and tends to flow more.  When I get so eager to begin a new project that I ignore my space prep, things seem to struggle.

To set your sacred space for your soul work ...

  • first tidy and clean the area.
  • clear the energy - smoke ceremony, sound, movement, etc
  • bring in sacred objects such as candles, effigies, crystals or create an alter ... whatever brings the energy that best supports what you are doing
  • bring whatever materials you need into the space
  • prepare and center your energy
  • begin and let energy flow in what you are creating

Working consciously.  Your Creations deserve your best Magik


If you would like to learn more, SACRED EARTHCRAFTING is an indepth sharing of what I have learnt, a study-at-your-own-pace online course

My fur family, Tala & Ranti