I am not a Shaman

Feb 08, 2023

I am not a Shaman.

Though it is just a word, it carries great energy and Power.  A title that is earned and carries great responsibilty.   

For want of a better description, I do call myself a Shamanic Artist & Student, forever learning from and working with Spirit Beings and the other Realms.  Sometimes I feel as though I am doing nothing, while other times, what I do has an air of greatness. 

It is the whispers, desires, happenings, chance meetings, and many 'mistakes' that keep leading me down a dark path into the light.  

Many years ago I would place stones and other Nature Finds around me, around spaces.  People would ask me why, and I had no clue. I just had to do it.  One day as I was 'trying' to describe what I did for work, the woman I was talking to said to me, 'You work Shamanically!'  Huh?  I even had to look up what it meant, and she was right.

So what is Shamanism?

Please note, I don't like to interpret meanings for others, so can only share my understanding. 

For me Shamanism it is connecting with Spirits, Energies and other Realms with the intention of betterment for one and all.  Shamanism can be practiced as Healing, Teaching or Guidance Modalities.  Historically, the word 'Shaman' originated from Siberia, though in reality Shamanism has been practiced in every ancient culture. 

Neo, or modern day, Shamanism is an individual practice and NOT dictated to by any one person or tradition.  What I especially like about Neo-Shamanism is that many Powerful Shamans happily share their wisdom so that collectively, we can make more of a healing difference in the world.  These beautiful Healers are not in fear, anger or defence.  They come from a place of love and believe that it is their purpose to help others, including our earth mother, on a grander scale. 

I invite you to explore Shamanism.  What does it mean to you?  Is Shamanism a part of your life ... or how can you incorporate more of this beautiful, honorable and powerful way into your life?  How can your life help others?

Bless, Sharen 

Mt Kosioscko, Australia