Creating Sacred Space

creating sacred space sacred sacred space Feb 10, 2023

Creating Sacred Space …

Our environment becomes a reflection of how we see it.  If we stop noticing the beauty around us the connection disappears.  We are after all, a part of all things; everything is a part of us.

For example the struggles I have had in my home.  I stopped seeing the beauty that first attracted us to our home.  Those little gems faded and everything I saw was rundown .  My stress levels exploded from carrying that depressing energy and the mess multiplied.  I had to start creating small Sacred Spaces around me to bring some love back.

Creating Sacred Space is about setting an intention, and infusing peace, love and harmony into an area.  It’s an honoring rather than striving for a picture-book setting.

To create a Sacred Space, you don’t need allot of money, time, or the latest Spiritual Fashion items.  From simply allowing your own presence and sacred energy to permeate from you; or embarking on a big project, it can be as easy as you want.  What really matters is that you gift your reverence to a special area.

Some useful tips to create your Sacred Space ...

  • Make it your own.  Don't think that you have to do similar to other people for it to work.
  • Feel it rather than think it.  Come from your heart and it will be perfect.
  • You can create Sacred Spaces in your home, yard, car, work ... anywhere really.
  • Be present and feel the peace inside you
  • You can add items that you love and what feels right - candles, spiritual icons, crystals, nature treasures (feathers, sticks, bones, gumnuts, etc.) personal items, art/crafts, plants, and so on.
  • Add prayers and clear intentions

We are the Caretakers, so keep honoring the Spaces you have co-created.  The more you can connect the greater benefit you will receive.  Use the Space for Meditation, reflection, support, music, creating, sharing ... anything that contributes love.  If you can keep giving, you will receive back many times more.