I love helping people Ground into their own Power by working with Earth Magik.

Life is Magickal … if you let it Be.  For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with all nature beings.  Rocks, sticks, all creatures … they have all held sentient spirit for me.  I would naturally do ‘weird’ things like placing rocks in circles, spending time with dead trees and want to draw the Fae Folk without knowing why.
As a child, I have a strong memory of being heartbroken because I was not allowed to keep some rocks that I had found.  I had to leave my friends behind. 

Nature Energies and Animals have always helped me cope in a human world where I struggled to belong.  They have given me strength and kinship in a hard world.  Its time now to share my experience and understanding with others.  Time to inspire a community who want to connect and build a bridge between realms.  To help create a world of peace, compassion, and connection.

Today I live in the Otway Hinterland, Australia, near the forest and ocean.  At home I have a wee studio space where I co-create Sacred Tools, EarthArt, Spirit Drawings with the Nature Spirits and hold private Ceremony.  I share my home with my partner and two German Shepherd teachers.


Energy is in all things.

Everything is alive and holds spirit.

As I work with the natural world, other realms open to me, enticing deeper connection.

Other Beings tell me they want to work with us to create a peaceful kinship for all.

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This course is an eye-opener!

Very interesting! I never thought about these things before and I was more about living day by day. But the basics of investing were very easy to understand for me and I started to invest now as well. I was looking for ways to get back my financial independence and to plan ahead and this really helped with that!



Grabbing my full attention!

Lots of interesting information for a beginner like me. Very well presented, grabbing my full attention! The course enhanced my desire to learn & act more financially!



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