The Magik …

Trees are whispering, Birds are calling, Faerie Folk inviting, Dragons standing. 

Now is the time, we are destined to become Earth Warriors

To join with our Spirit Allies, Deepening our Connection

Bridge the divide between the Seen and Unseen

We are always supported, never alone

Our path is lit, not lost

In Power, we are Truth & Freedom

Our Shamanic EarthWalk

I'm Sharen!

A Shamanic Artist & Healer.   I love helping people Ground into their own Power by working with Earth Magik.

Life is Magickal … if you let it Be.  For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with all nature beings.  Rocks, sticks, all creatures … they have all held sentient spirit for me.  I would naturally do ‘weird’ things like placing rocks in circles, spending time with dead trees and want to draw the Fae Folk without knowing why.

As a child, I have a strong memory of being heartbroken because I was not allowed to keep some rocks that I had found.  I had to leave my friends behind. 

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“ You don’t need to figure it all out on your own!

We are a collective of Earth Kin & Spirit Energies, destined to work together for Conscious Expansion.

In Freedom, Peace & Compassion we Stand."



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